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Starkey Caribbean

World Class Service Training comes to Anguilla

Private service educational programs and placement to be offered through Starkey International Institute.

Starkey Service Training

Seasoned hospitality professional Bruce Hearn knows first-hand the value of proper service and management of world class resorts and villas, not only has he managed some of the Caribbean’s finest, he’s owned and managed his own. So when he recently started his new business on Anguilla, Properties in Paradise, he knew one of his key services would be staffing and training of the highest level.

“Investors spend millions on beautiful properties with state-of-the-art amenities and equipment which must be professionally managed and maintained. Investing in the proper staff to protect this investment is critically important.  To mismanage the investment, or fail to deliver the ultimate guest experience can be a costly and serious mistake for owners.” says Hearn. “Preserving the original vision for a high end property and guests’ experiences is critical to the bottom line for both occupancy and return business.”

Mary Starkey and Bruce Hearn at the Starkey MansionThat’s why Mr. Hearn has joined forces with Starkey International Institute of Denver, Colorado — a sophisticated service management education corporation that teaches the fine art of private service.   He will represent Starkey Caribbean both in Anguilla and throughout the region.

Owner Mary Louise Starkey, known as the “First Lady of Service” and founder of the U.S. household/ estate management profession, has designed and perfected an expansive educational program which has set the standard for the industry. Her highly trained graduates elevate the profession to new standard of performance.

As a certified vocational institute, Starkey trains managers of the broadest scope to oversee high-end properties and staff down to the finest details, providing them with comprehensive skills and tools to get the job done. Starkey then places 90% of their graduates, who land positions working on a world stage — with placements in Shanghai for the diplomatic core, in Paris at the Hotel Ritz and in the US for high ranking generals and admirals.

“Bruce is a natural partner for Starkey International Institute and we are excited for him to represent Starkey Caribbean,” says Ms. Starkey. “His knowledge of hospitality management in Anguilla and the Caribbean combined with our expertise in private service education will bring the best of the best —a winning combination of world class service and management. This level of service will meet the needs of high net worth individuals who vacation and own properties in the region. In addition, it will enable local service personnel to gain sophisticated education in management, systemized housekeeping and the private service industry, which promotes career advancement and excellent salary growth.”

Mr. Hearn will bring Starkey’s trademark services and placement capabilities to Anguilla and the greater Caribbean, including evaluation of a property’s existing management and staff, customized on-site local training, and training opportunities at Starkey’s Colorado Institute with full certification programs. On-line courses will also be available. In addition, Mr. Hearn will provide local placement service with the highest caliber of certified and experienced villa managers and service professionals.

In order to gain further insight and experience with the Starkey private service programs, Mr. Hearn recently completed the certified household manager program at headquarters in Denver.

Anguilla Property“I believe in the extensive training and comprehensive programs that Ms. Starkey has perfected over 30 years in the industry, and I am committed to making Starkey Caribbean an essential resource for training and placement of qualified private service professionals in the region,” said Mr. Hearn. “While we plan to maintain the warm, friendly service for which the Caribbean is known, we also understand that there is no substitute for well trained  professionals to insure guest experience. Behind the scenes it’s imperative that luxury properties are managed to perfection, with the highest service standards.”

The collaboration between Mr. Hearn’ and Starkey International Institute brings opportunities for growth in the local service industry and will continue to build Anguilla’s excellent reputation as a prime destination for the world’s most discerning visitors.

Beyond representing Starkey Caribbean, Mr. Hearn’s company, Properties in Paradise offers a comprehensive range of services for the hospitality/villa industry including management consulting, real estate sales and one stop shopping for investors who wish to enter the villa rental market —from site selection to project management to execution of a fully staffed rental property.  Mr. Hearn and his wife Elaine combined bring 55 successful years of experience in the hospitality and real estate industry to Properties in Paradise.

"We were looking for an experienced consultant like Mr. Hearn to implement systems and training for the staff of Ani Villas. His alliance with Starkey Caribbean clinched the deal,” said Properties in Paradise client, Bonnie Bloom, Developer and General Manager. “We believe his experience and knowledge, in combination with the Starkey programs and training, will give Ani Villas the edge in a very competitive villa rental market. We are delighted to be working with him."



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For more information about Starkey Caribbean and Properties in Paradise, call 264-235-8840 or Contact Bruce Hearn.